Our link building project is bringing the benefit of BNI givers gain to online marketing. Start incorporating your local BNI members into the most difficult & beneficial SEO practice to date.

What is link building?

Link building is the act of searching for ways of having other websites link to a page or piece of content on your site. Although the concept of building links is simple, the act of doing so is extremely tedious. Choosing the wrong website or business to work with can actually have negative repercussions on your site. Meaning that choosing who you work with online wisely and carefully is priority #1 when it comes to link building.

A problem meets a solution.

We have created a program that uses BNI’s already pre-established vetting process to create a strong online community across our BNI networks. Each member of the group is required to be a BNI member and each members site is reviewed before added to the group.

Expanding the purpose of BNI.

BNI was created to allow business owners to support each other inside of their local communities. Givers gain is our motto and it is tried, tested, and proven to work. Our BNI link building project is taking that philosophy online. Our goal is to help and support all of our current BNI members online and propel our members even higher.

Getting started.

  • The first and obvious step is you must be a member of a BNI chapter inside of the NJ or Pennsylvania area.
  • Let's have a one to one. All details of the project will be explained within either a face to face meeting or Zoom call.