How do I clear android browser cookies & cache?

How To: Clear Android Cache

written by Brandon C. Blackford

Clearing your Cache, Browser History, & cookies are all ways of describing the action of removing data saved by your web browser on your phone. Clearing up your browser history is pretty straightforward and easy to pick up and start doing on the regular. Lets jump right into it.

Google Chrome : Clearing Your Cache

  • Open up chrome and look for the three dots at the top right of your screen & click them.
  • After a screen pops up from the corner go ahead and click on “History” which is the third of or fourth button down.
  • Once that happens you can click the button at the top that says “Clear browsing data…”.
  • A menu should open that allows you to choose what data you want to remove specifically. I usually just “clear all” but if you want to keep your auto saved passwords make sure you uncheck “Cookies and site data”.
  • Once you are ready, go ahead and click the “Clear data” button at the bottom right.
  • Chrome will ask if you are sure that you want to clear certain data from important sites. That is completely up to you so uncheck at your leisure.
  • Once you are ready, go ahead and click “Clear” at the bottom right to finalize the process.
  • The End.

Mozilla Firefox : Clearing Your Cache

  • Go ahead and open Firefox and click the three dots at the bottom right of your screen.
  • After a new menu expands from the bottom left make sure you go to “Settings”. Some people go to history by mistake.
  • After a new page opens up scroll down and around and find “Delete browsing data” and go ahead and click on that.
  • Once clicked, a new window should show up that will allow you to pick what data should or shouldn’t be removed. Once you are happy with your choices you can finalize the clearing by clicking the “Delete browsing data” button at the bottom of the page.
  • Firefox will prompt you with one final messaging asking if you are sure you want to delete this data. If you are sure, click “Delete” and finish the process.
  • The End.

Closing Notes.

This process is pretty standard across most browsers and is used to clear sensitive data that you don’t want other users to see. For our purposes, we clear our browsers cache to see new changes and updates to new sites under development. That’s all folks.