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The most important skill that a web designer should have is the ability to listen. Your website needs to reflect the soul of your business. It needs to communicate what sets you apart. It needs to show how your products and services can solve problems. To accomplish this the web designer needs to take the time to understand who you are and what your business seeks to accomplish.

At Orange Tag Studios we see web design as a collaboration. We will listen to all your goals, passions, and missions. We will guide you toward a web platform that will successfully inform, engage, and enlighten your viewers.

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Face 2 Face

As modern as web design is, we still like to get things started the old-fashioned way. We make it a point to meet face-to-face with our clients to get to know them and their business. We are very experienced in asking the right questions and drawing out the business owner’s needs so we can achieve a web design that is exactly on point with their goals.

Although face-to-face meetings are always preferable, sometimes these are just not possible. We are open to a range of virtual face-to-face meetings that provide the flexibility business owners need.

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Mock Up

Collaboration means communication. After we develop a strategy for your business’ website, we develop a draft or mock up. This visual tool gives you the opportunity to see the web designer’s vision for your page. It also gives you the chance to request any revisions or include anything that was missed in the first round.

Websites are hard to envision without actually seeing them, which is why mock up and revision are both vital to our process. Layout, color, functionality, and overall look and feel are all developed and enhanced ensuring client satisfaction.


Once all the main components of the website are finalized, the technical development can begin. Most people don’t think about tabs, links, and drop-down menus or how they work. But each of these functions require a high level of skill to construct. We want your viewers to take for granted how easy your website is to navigate.

Since so much of web traffic is generated through handheld devices or smart phones, mobile compatibility is absolutely vital to your website. In other words, why go to all the trouble of building a website when half of your viewers won’t be able to see it on their phones? Orange Tag Studios is committed to having your website appear with ease on all major platforms.

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Orange Tag Studios was built on the foundation that web designers can do better. The web site development process should be collaborative and not intimidating. It should be enlightening and not frustrating. Business owners need to focus on what they do best and a web designer should help to create a platform that showcases this.

Founder of Orange Tag Studios, Brandon Blackford, has spent years perfecting the web design process accordingly. Brandon has always gravitated toward the creative arts while accelerating in the technical field of computer science. He takes great pride in creating digital storefronts for companies great and small....

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