What are Domain Names?


For most people, domain names are a simple string of characters they have to type into the address bar to easily access their favorite online store or website. Over the years, domain names have become increasingly important for online marketing & branding.

How domain names work?

Domain names were actually created so people wouldn’t have to remember a large string of numbers and decimals to reach someone's site. Domain names actually point to an address that directs to wherever you are hosting your site. Outside of its original role, domain names have become much more important than just a more readable link.

Domain names are now used by google and other search engines to store history about the site attached to the domain and its performance. What this means is that the website quality determines the value of the domain itself, not the other way around. The best thing you can do now, without worrying too much about SEO, is to purchase a domain name and start building up its reputation with a new website.

Looking to Purchase a domain name?

If you are looking to register and purchase a new domain name don’t worry because you have a ton of options. Below you can find a few choices that we recommend. If you have a domain name already all you have to do is make sure to point your new domain name to wherever you plan on hosting your website. If you already have web hosting but no domain name, check out if your host provides you with a free domain name. If you can, purchase the domain from them to help keep everything under one umbrella.