What is the best web hosting?


For those who don’t know, a website is just a collection of files put together to make a creative and informative representation of a business online. The problem is that we don't want people casually going to our home computers to access these files to view them (for obvious security reasons). So our compromise is having our files placed on a server which is considered a “Web host”.

So Many Options…. Which To Pick?

If you took a minute to find a website hosting plan you will easily notice how many different companies actually offer web hosting services. There are a few things that actually matter besides the price tag attached to them.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting plans…. Just arent that great. These plans in a nutshell are shared resources on a server. They are generally cheaper because you are sharing resources with other website owners. Many people under these plans get hurt at peak traffic hours and can cause your website to take up to 10 - 30 seconds to load. Unless you have the most patient clients in the world, I would steer away from these plans.

Storage Space

Storage space is probably the only other factor that business owners should worry about when it comes to a hosting plan. You only need to heavily consider this property when you intend to host large files on your site or save a lot of user data in the backend of your site.


We highly recommend using Site Grounds for your starting web hosting platform. They have a great user friendly backend that most people can pick up on the fly. The one downfall to sitegrounds is that it does not provide a location to purchase a domain name. Learn more about how to purchase a domain name Here.

More Complicated?

If you're worried the project might be a bit more complicated and don’t know what to do, you can reach out to us personally. We can run an estimated analysis on your project and traffic and suggest a plan for you.